Large and heavy mirrors

Our mirror with cleats being glued, ready for hanging

We’ve always been a fan of large mirrors, and we had a full-width, ful-height mirror in our old bathroom, cut to size and glued to the wall.

This time, we decided to have a similar mirror in the main bathroom since we have a large wall available in front of the basin.

We ordered a custom-sized mirror (which took three attempts to deliver without breakage!) and then decided to have an LED strip light behind it. This will allow a nice glow from behind the mirror without seeing the light fitting itself.

To achieve this, we started by cutting a full sheet of 18mm WBP plywood (which is waterproof and therefore ideal for a bathroom) so that it would be 5cm smaller than the mirror on each side. We fixed this to the wall, making sure to screw through as many battens as possible.

Our carpenter then attached a batten to this ply, and an equivalent batten to the back of the mirror, forming a French cleat. This allows the mirror to be lifted off the mounting in case the LED strip needs to be fixed. There is also a matching batten at the bottom of the mirror to allow it to sit flat. Our electrician then attached and connected the LED strip, ready for the mirror to be hung as soon as the mirror is ready.

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