Ground floor flooring has started

Flooring almost complete in the dining room

Today marked the start of one of the last major pieces of work to be done before we’re able to move in.

We’ve chosen a Karndean floor (specifically the Van Gogh range) which is glued down rather than floating. In preparation, our installers Contract Flooring ground down the screed sub-floor and finished it to a very flat surface using self-levelling compound since any bump would show through the 3mm thick planks. Any high spots were then sanded back and re-filled.

It’ll take around three days to finish the flooring installation, after which it’s time for the carpenters to install all the doors, skirtings and architraves ready for them to be spray painted (as we did upstairs). Once this is done, the ground floor will be ready for finishing touches alongside the first floor, and a lot of cleaning!

Self-levelling compound applied and sanded back ready for final flooring
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