Plaster board = rooms taking shape

Our main bedroom after plaster boarding

Having finally finished most of the glazing and the first fix work, we’ve started with the plaster boarding, and a few days in, what a difference it makes!

For one, the rooms are starting to look more like rooms, and they are also a lot darker!

The plan is to start plastering in the next few days while the boarding continues in the rest of the house, so that maybe in a couple of weeks, our house will look a lot more like home.

Tile backer boarding in the en suite bathroom

Additionally, rendering of the outside has started today with the two apexes being done, after which we will paint those sections so the first section of scaffolding can be taken down. Luckily, the roofing is being finished over the next couple of days and we’re also aiming to finish the guttering at the front.

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