The bad with the good

When you’re writing a blog about a house build, it’s easy to only write about the good things and everything that’s going well with the process.

In that vein, this post is about something that went wrong in our build.

Cut underfloor heating pipes, and some extra digging to assist with re-connecting them

Our entrance has floor to ceiling glazing, and we were told that our floor screed started too far forward, stopping the bottom section from going in. The solution was to cut back the screed to the back edge of the steel beam that the glazing sits in.

However, what we hadn’t accounted for was the position of the underfloor heating pipes. Inevitably, this led to some of those pipe loops being cut as part of the cutting of the screed.

Luckily, this is not the first time that something like this has happened in the world, and our plumber was able to repair the loops with couplings, taking the opportunity to reduce them back a little so they don’t sit under the glazing. This of course meant we needed to dig out some more screed very carefully to allow enough room for this work to happen.

With a few bags of structural grout (a strong cement mix) we re-filled everything that was dug out after the plumber had done his job. Now, the cut out section is at a lower level to accommodate the glazing, and the extra dug-out parts are level again. We used some Ardex P51 primer around the edges of the existing liquid screed to ensure it bonds properly with the new structural grout.

We’re now back to where we were before this incident, but suffice to say there will always be parts of a build where you wonder whether things could get worse!

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