Seamless guttering

Aluminium seamless guttering at the back of the house

While we wait for the roof at the front of the house to be completed (pending installation of the skylight), the roof at the back is complete, and we took the opportunity a few days ago to have the guttering installed while the scaffolding is still at the correct height.

We opted for an aluminium “ogee”-style seamless gutter in the same colour as the roof (anthracite). The “ogee”-style simply means that the gutter has a distinctive S-shaped profile at the front to add some detail.

While guttering can be purchased in lengths and attached, we went with a seamless version where the entire length of the gutter is extruded on-site and installed as one piece. This gives both a sharp finish with no joins, and also reduces the chances of leaks through these joins later on.

Once the block work and rendering is complete, we’ll be having square-profile downpipes installed to complement the gutters.

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