Bring on the timber frame

Block and beam ground floor complete

The last couple of weeks have seen a flurry of work on site as the groundworks are concluded. Since the last post, the block and beam floor has been laid and grouted providing a solid surface. The outline of the ground floor has also been laid with a layer of blocks on which our timber frame will sit.

Groundworks are now complete and we have a small week-long lull while we organise site visits and bring the next few trades into the schedule.

Next week, the scaffolding will go up around the perimeter, and the week after that, our timber frame build starts in earnest! As soon as that’s up, the metal roof installation will start, and this is also when we’ll get our hands dirty to do some of our own work, like insulating the loft space.

Finally, last weekend we installed our second, time-lapse camera on site. We’ve set it up but have no way of checking the result until we take it down, which we’ll do once the external block work is complete and there’s not much else to see outside.

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