The blocks are in

Outside edge foundation blocks laid

A couple of weeks since we last posted and things have been moving along nicely.

In that time, all the trenches were dug so that inspections for building regulations and mining could be completed. Once those were done, the concrete went in along with some reinforcing mesh.

We’ve now started on the blockwork on which the timber frame will stand. The outside edge of our foundations are now pretty much complete and some of the internal walls have started too. We’re hoping that the blockwork will be completed in the next few days, allowing the beams of the block and beam floor to be laid.

In other news, the timber frame design is now locked down and the structural steel elements have been sent off for manufacturing and the frame is scheduled to be bought on site in a few weeks’ time.

Finally, we had little luck coercing the existing camera (source of the photo above) to take regular photos for a time-lapse video at the end and so we’ve found another specialist build camera that has built-in support for time-lapse videos and runs on batteries. It doesn’t have any internet connection, however, so we’ll set it up before the frame starts being built and will probably move it inside at some point to capture the internal work. We’ll keep using the existing camera to be able to keep an eye on work from afar and take still photos on-demand.

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