Topsoil away!

Our site with the topsoil stripped ready for surveys

Work started in earnest this week on site! Finally after many months of phone calls, paperwork and emails, physical work has started with the stripping of the topsoil.

Part of the site preparation involves bringing the soil level down to where the final foundations and house will be built. The first part of this process is to strip the topsoil, which is the top 30cm or so. This then allows various surveys to take place before the rest of the soil is removed down to the final level.

The surveys we’ll be having include an archaeology survey to make sure there aren’t any relics on our site that need to be saved, and a mining survey to make sure there aren’t any seams or mine shafts that will affect our foundations.

At the same time, we’ve been working to get electricity onto the site ready for all the tools and machinery – the trenches are dug and the cable is in.

Hopefully the building regs drawings will be ready soon and we can get those approved and move onto the first real part of the house – the foundations!

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