No fool when it comes to painting

Internal doors prepared for spraying

Most of the carpentry upstairs (things like skirtings, architraves, door frames, window cills and doors) is now finished, and it’s time to paint it all.

However, doing it by hand would take weeks and weeks. Instead, we decided to go with paint spraying. It’s basically the same paint but applied using a spray machine which makes it much faster and gives a much smoother finish.

We’re in the process of finishing the spraying of the carpentry upstairs, and are intending to do the same downstairs to achieve a nice, smooth finish.

Fibre at last

Openreach equipment connected to our newly-installed fibre cable

Today, after a lot of delay and misunderstandings, we’ve finally managed to have fibre cable installed to the house.

Our development as a whole is signed up to a now-closed Openreach trial scheme to install FTTP to each plot. This opens up the possibility of up to 1Gbps connections which is leaps and bounds beyond anything else available in Cornwall.

Now that the Openreach equipment is in, we just need to wait for it to be activated then we can place an order with an ISP to get the connection up and running.

I’ve decided to go with Andrews & Arnold, a small ISP based in Reading that offers FTTP connections and no-nonsense UK-based customer support.

We have a garage door

Our new garage door in all its (covered) glory

We finally have a real garage door, replacing the temporary wooden one that was made and installed by our carpenter right at the start of our house build.

For the first time, this means we can enter our house without any padlocks or chains and can control the door itself electronically. For the time being, this involves plugging an extension lead in outside to power the door, but as soon as we have electricity in the house itself (which should only be a few days away) then we’ll be able to plug it all in inside and finish off the look.

Digging deep for drains

Digging a deep trench for the drainage connections

This week, our ground works contractor is back, this time digging and installing all our drainage and service ducts.

This includes connecting up all the kitchen and bathroom drains and installing gulleys ready for our downpipes and other rainwater drains outside.

As well as this, we’re installing ducts for our electricity, water and broadband connections while everything is dug out to make it easier later when we get the connections.

We have gas!

Wales & West Utilities installing our gas service

After months of delays, today we finally had our gas service installed, with the utility digging our trench and connecting us up. The next step is to get a meter installed and then we can finally think about having some heating (of course, after the electricity and water have also been installed).

Scaffolding has gone

The first look at our house without the scaffolding

Today, the last of our scaffolding was removed, and for the first time we can see our house in all its glory without metal bars running all across it.

We needed to do this to allow our drainage to go in (which involves a lot of trenches being dug around the house) but it also allows us to render the ground floor, and of course see what the house looks like in its entirety.